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St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton's Forensic Psychiatry Program and Mental Health and Addiction Program,
and McMaster University present the 11th Annual Risk and Recovery Forensic Conference

L. Healey, M. Berquist, C. Geck

Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

"Current Research Endeavors at the Integrated Forensic Program of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group"

Presentation 1: Celia Geck

The Impact of Review Board Hearings on Persons Found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of a Mental Disorder

Celia Geck completed her Master's degree in Forensic Psychology at Carleton University and is currently a Research Coordinator in the Integrated Forensic Program at the Royal Ottawa Health Group.  She is actively involved in various research-related tasks across both Royal campuses in Ottawa and Brockville, including grant and ethics application preparation, study recruitment, data collection, entry, and analysis, and dissemination.  Her primary research focus is on research involving patients found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder.  She currently assists on a tri-provincial CIHR-funded project titled, "Going Home - Recovery and Community Reintegration of Mentally Ill Men and Women Discharged from Hospital: A Prospective, Longitudinal Study of Forensic Psychiatric Patients", examining the rehabilitative processes among forensic patients as they are discharged from hospital.  She is also the lead co-investigator of two University of Ottawa Medical Research funded studies:     (1) "The Impact of Ontario Review Board Hearings on Persons found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder", examining the impact of preparing for and attending Ontario Review Board Hearings; and (2) "Obstructive Sleep Apnea among Forensic Patients with a Severe Mental Illness: Impact on Impulsiveness, Aggression, and Affect Regulation", examining the impact of poor sleep on daytime functioning.

Presentation 2: Lindsay Healey

Evaluation of Dynamic Risk Assessment Tools for Forensic Clients used at ROHCG (This includes a risk assessment tool - the HARM - which was created/is used at SJHH)

Lindsay Healey is a graduate of Queen's University and has been employed as a Research Assistant in the Integrated Forensic Program (IFP) at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (ROHCG) for three years.  She is extensively involved in researching and evaluating the Brockville Risk Checklist-4 (BRC4)and coordinated a multi-site empirical study on the tool, which included an evaluation of the Hamilton Anatomy of Risk Management (HARM) tool.  In 2016, she co-authored a manual for the BRC-4 which is now available for use.  Outside of this research focus, she coordinates several studies, including a large-scale evaluation of the Royal Ottawa's Anger Disorders Clinic and a recently funded study which will evaluate Brockville and Ottawa's Mental Health Courts.

Presentation 3: Melissa Berquist

Enhancing Risk Management through Focused Nursing Practice: The Impact of a New Model of Care

Melissa Berquist is the Manager of Patient Care Services at the Forensic Treatment Unit (FTU) of the Brockville Mental Health Centre (Royal Ottawa Health Care Group).  She has a Master's in Nursing and is currently pursuing an Executive Masters of Business Administration.  In the seven years since completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN), she has held numerous positions including: frontline care in psychiatric and medical/surgical environments, BScN Clinical Instructor and Inter-Professional Educator.  Since beginning her role as Manager, she has been involved in developing and disseminating research derived from the forensic psychiatric environment, including an ongoing empirical investigation on the impacts of a new model of nursing care she implemented in the FTU in mid-2016.


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April 6th & 7th, 2017

The conference is taking place on Thursday, April 6th and Friday, April 7th, 2017, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. A pre-conference workshop will be held on April 5, 2017.

Sheraton Hotel Hamilton

Once again, we are pleased to host the conference at the Sheraton Hotel, conveniently located in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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